How long does it take to receive my order?

Most images ship within 2-3 weeks.  

Platinum Palladium takes longer, and depends primarily on the size of the image.  It is a very  hands on process, and occasionally requires custom production of the paper at the factory.

Is mounting and framing available?

Yes of course.  This is customized to your needs, just get in touch by phone or using the Contact form on this page.  

Options range from inexpensive home 'ready-to-hang' mountings through designer presentations  and ultimately museum archival treatments.

Additionally, Decorative Prints and Giclée Prints are available with an acrylic glass mounting with wall mounts included.

How long will my Color Prints Last?

Decorative Prints

Color photography is still a fugitive medium because of the characteristics of the dyes and pigments that we use to make the photographic prints. It appears we’re finally at the point where a color print will last a lifetime -  maybe a little longer, and with dark storage maybe a few hundred years.  Color image life doesn’t happen by accident, it happens through great care of the printed image over the years.

Color photography prints are still not as good as platinum or silver based black-and-white photography, which has the possibility of lasting thousands of years. This is  because the image is made from stable metals on a stable base paper. 

Many factors including humidity, extreme temperatures and light intensity affect the longevity of printed art. 

Giclée Prints

A giclée print which is stored in normal conditions should last 200 years or more before any evidence of fading starts to appear.

Giclée printing tends to hold its colors for far longer than standard prints. In fact, giclée prints are thought to last up to two hundred years before starting to fade. In other words, they are museum-quality prints that are built to last. So, if you would like to create a bit of history for future generations of your family or for estate investment purposes, giclée prints are going to be the best thing for it.

How are Images Cropped?

Your image will be cropped according to the size of print you select.

Some original images are in a panoramic format.  If you select a print format in a rectangular size closer to square rather than panoramic, your final image will of course be cropped.

Antoine pays close attention to the most pleasing final crop format.