Decorative Prints

Many of the images are available as a Decorative Print.  These are printed in our professional lab on the the world's finest photographic papers.

Antoine selects the type of paper most appropriate for the image.  

Museum Quality Collectibles

Giclée Prints are produced with a unique, Giclée printing process that provides higher image detail than traditional photographic printing. Using 7 dye-based inks, Giclée Prints offer improved color reproduction, a wider color gamut, and enhanced image clarity. The high quality and long lifespans of Giclées ensure that the prints appreciate in value.

If you want a limited edition print and have a limited budget, paper prints may be the way to go. If you want a Giclée that can be customized, has more displaying options, looks more like original artwork, and you have a little more to invest, you should consider buying a Giclée printed on canvas. A photograph printed as a Giclée Canvas Print is an elegant way to assert its significance.

Silver Gelatin Fiber Prints

"Black and white fiber based prints are the “high watermark” of photography in terms of permanence. The silver image itself appears black because the pure silver is not affected by exposure to light, unlike color dyes or even pigments."  Henry Wilhelm

Antoine produces silver gelatin (silver halide), black & white prints on a fiber base, using premium light sensitive Ilford silver gelatin paper.  This paper has shining white and black tones, ultra-fine brightness levels and sharp contours.

These prints have a proven archival superiority and a completely neutral image tone, without color cast. This is simply the best fine art black & white print available.

Platinum Palladium Prints

Platinum is a noble metal and is one of the most stable known to science.  It is more precious than gold and because of its stability, a handmade platinum print that is made to archival standards can last for thousands of years as compared to 100 or 200 years for regular photographs.

Although difficult and costly to create, platinum prints are the sine qua non of photographic art. Discerning art buyers and collectors value platinum prints because of their ethereal beauty, permanence, and rarity. 

The absolute pinnacle of fine black & white printing is the Platinum / Palladium print (Pt/Pd). The process involves hand coating fine paper with a sensitizer comprised of platinum and palladium salts which are then exposed in contact to a negative. It is the most coveted and valuable form of photographic expression. 

Antoine uses Malde-Ware chemistry which is closer to the historical invention of platinum printing than any other conventionally used chemistry system.  The mastering of files and printing proofs takes place on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. Hahnemühle has been making paper since 1584 in Germany's South Lower Saxony’s Solling uplands and combines old world craft with state of the art coatings.